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A guiltless pleasure that helps you relax.

C. B. Dough is a wellness based brand that produces small batches of ready-to-bake CBD desserts to add some delicious calm to your self-care routine.


Now both with & without CBD

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Recyclable packaging

All natural ingredients

Meet the Sisters
Behind the Dough


Maddy Davidoff and Sammy Davidoff, two 20-something sisters, always dreamed of going into business together. They made that dream a reality when they launched C.B. Dough in early 2020. Between Sammy’s experience in marketing and Maddy’s background as a chef, C.B. Dough was the perfect recipe for the sisters’ talents and desire to sweeten the art of self-care. Today, C.B. Dough is proud to offer a variety of CBD infused desserts, including brownies, blondies and cookie dough you can bake and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Baked cookies are also available.


We only use organic and high-quality ingredients

Each ingredient that goes into C.B. Dough products is hand-curated and of the highest-quality. Our sugar is only the purest cane sugar, not processed with bone char like most sugars used for commercial baking. We make our vanilla from scratch using Kentucky bourbon and quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Our butter contains pure cream, never “natural” or artificial butter flavors. With every bite of a C.B. Dough brownie, blondie and cookie, you can taste the effort it took to create it and the carefully selected organic ingredients that make it a true small batch artisan dessert. The happiness of our consumers always comes first. We take great pride in how our products are produced and in your satisfaction when you enjoy them!

Packaged with the environment in mind

We believe self-care can be good for people and the planet, which is why we consider the
environmental impact of our desserts. Along with our suppliers and partners, we’re always
working to reduce our footprint and create sustainable products. In addition to using only
certified organic ingredients, we also use environmentally friendly packaging. This includes
recyclable bags for our brownie and blondie mixes and reusable glass jar packaging for our cookie dough. We’re all about making our consumers feel good, from the CBD in our products to our commitment to sustainable production and packaging.

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