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Hi, I'm Sammy!


The Boss at C.B. Dough. I’ve always thought I would eventually start a business with my sister, we just didn’t know which one. When I was a child, I asked for a cash register for Christmas-- seriously-- and a roll of receipt tape. Despite how crazy it sounded, my parents figured this was an easy gift, so I was rewarded. I then spent the next two weeks wandering around my house charging my family for things we already owned with money no one was ever going to actually pay me, but this business sense stuck to me over the years and has sent me craving the DIY lifestyle of a start-up. 


I am and always will be an undiagnosed Instagramaholic. I spend a lot of my time gathering news and trends from Instagram and love creating and managing social media content and strategy for other brands. Ever since I moved to LA, I have joined in on the CBD obsession. I have always had inconsistent anxiety, coming and going when it pleases, but the natural benefits of CBD have allowed me to harness it without having to put prescription medication into my system. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my absolute weakness. I’ve always been happy to let my sister take the reins in the kitchen during family get togethers, but I am usually the designated baker among friends. If there’s one food I have made the most in my life it would definitely be chocolate chip cookies. When I’m sad? Chocolate chip cookie. When I’m craving sweet? Chocolate chip cookie. Bad day at work? Chocolate chip cookie.

So why not have my favorite thing with a product that actually helps me? After seeing what was currently on the market, I knew we had a great opportunity for a business and decided it was now or never. Once C.B. Dough was born there was no other idea that stood a chance next to it. It’s the perfect mix of both of our talents. With Maddy’s love for creating and testing recipes, to my love for trying new trending products and publicizing them, we are truly the perfect yin and yang. I have had my fair share of difficult bosses and subpar working conditions in the past and my hope was always to be my own boss and provide an ideal working environment for my employees. If they don’t love what they are doing and aren’t happy doing it then the business will never succeed. As The Boss at C.B.Dough, I guarantee that our employees will love coming to work every day and will be proud of the work that they do. Plus, who wouldn’t want free CBD cookies at work?

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