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Hi, I'm Maddy!

After working in various sectors of the food industry for the past few years (restaurants, test kitchens, bakery chains, and even manufacturing) I've seen a lot of behind the scenes action. Most of what I've seen, I haven't been happy with, and I was sick of being powerless to change it. I've watched companies take advantage of consumer knowledge, publishing things that were only "mostly" true; working through loopholes and subbing out quality for quantity. I couldn't take it anymore, so I left to do things my way. 

So I teamed up with my sister, Sammy, to create a brand and a product we both believed in. After months of product testing (and many great nights sleep...) We finally came up with recipes we were proud of. We sourced our ingredients carefully to make sure we were working with companies who shared the same beliefs as we did. We found packaging we felt would help emphasize our dreams. And we set to work. 


I have made a promise to myself that I will never let my business get the best of me. I have started this company to honor the consumer and I will continue to do that as long as I can keep C.B. Dough going. Look at me! I'm the Chief Cookie Officer of a company I'm truly proud of with a product I consume almost as much as I sell. So come try a cookie and fall in love just like we did! 

It's always been very important for me to be honest. I decided to start my own company to portray the types of beliefs I wanted to see in other companies. I planned to deliver a product to my consumers that I myself wanted to eat. I hoped I could give employees a work life that they loved as much as I did. I wanted to feel good about the product I was putting out into the world everyday. And there, C.B. Dough was born. 

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