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Recycled Packaging Program 

Our goal with our recycled packaging program is -- very plainly-- to reduce waste by recycling our packaging. Every jar of cookie dough that is purchased, can be returned to a drop-off location for a 10% discount on your next C.B. Dough purchase. We specially designed our packaging out of glass to prevent the production of plastics. While recyclable plastic was a (Cough*cheaper and easier* Cough) option, we chose to spend the extra time and money in creating a statement-- that if we can all work together we can help save our planet. We also felt that, why create a product that is meant to relax people if we're only giving them more to stress about? Who wants to think about destroying the planet every time they eat a delicious CBD cookie? Not us. This program allows our customers to enjoy their cookies and feel good about doing a small part in helping the environment as well.


By returning the jar to us, we save money because we don't have to purchase a new jar and you save money as a reward for helping the environment. When we receive the jars back, we sanitize them, stick on new stickers and re-fill them with delicious CBD cookie dough. We know we're asking a lot of you to go out of your way to one of our drop-off locations to return the cookie jar, but that's why we want to reward you. if you don't want to come back, no Problem! We completely understand. We just ask that you recycle your jar with all of your other glass recycling, the metal jar top can be recycled too. No additional stress, just delicious calm. 

This program is very new and may have some bumps along the road, so we just ask that you give us a little wiggle room and we'll vow to get it right. We are incredibly passionate about this and we want it to work, but we'll all have to work together to accomplish it. We'll also sleep a little better at night (and not just because we eat so many C.B. Dough cookies... Although we do that too...) 


If you have any additional questions regarding our recycling program, please feel free to get in touch. We're always happy to talk about it!

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