Love the fact that you can bake our products at home? Want something even more fun? The Blondie and The Brownie Mixes are fully prepared dry mixes that you can whip up whenever the need for a delicious CBD infused reward arises. Perfect for a girls night in, as a dessert for your next get together, or even just as a nightly treat. 


The best part? Both mixes can be made vegan to help you stick with you dietary needs. Refer to the pictures above for reference! 


The Brownie Mix (180mg CBD): 

Gluten-Free and Nut-Free* made with sorghum and tapioca starch, this mix creates a deliciously fudgy and decadent brownie containing 30mg of CBD*. Your only problem will be trying to only have one.


The Blondie Mix (180mg CBD): 

A cross between our fan favorite O.G. cookie and a brownie. This mix delivers the warm flavors of vanilla and melty chocolate chips so you can have that freshly baked cookie feeling anytime you want. 


Each package contains 2 (12oz) mixes, choices can be one of each or two of one kind. 


*Each package contains 180mg CBD, if directions are followed, yield should be 30mg of CBD per brownie or blondie. 

The Blondie & The Brownie Mixes